About the Order

As you are most assuredly aware, the political and living situations for persons of all faiths have been tragically effected by the continuing conflicts and upheavals throughout the world, but especially in the ancient lands of the Middle East. Confronted with this devastating state of affairs, the founder and originator of the Order of Saint George was prompted by the Holy Spirit through his Orthodox faith to meet with other Orthodox Christians of like mind to share his concerns and, though a small group, to pray and discern what they might do to provide practical assistance to those fellow Orthodox men, women and children most profoundly suffering from persecution and need.

The group realized that although there were many worthy, charitable Orthodox organizations already in existence, none of them had the defined goal of providing hands on, practical help exclusively to their fellow Orthodox Christians alone. Sometime after, in reading the life of Saint George, they along with the Sovereign Knight were inspired by the Saint’s faith and valor and by the many ways in which he sought to help his fellow Christians in need. As seen in the historically European model, they believed that there was indeed a place for a charitable Order based upon the medieval, chivalric code of conduct that could be utilized as an effective model for service to fellow Orthodox Christians so afflicted. This code contained virtues such as mercy, courage, valor, fairness, protection of the weak and the poor, and in the servant-hood of the knight to God and his Church. Also included were faithfulness to God, protection of the innocent, championing good against evil, being generous and placing obedience to God above our own self interests. 

This chivalric approach also provides a venue for those Orthodox men and women who are attracted to and find value in a structured, fraternal, religious, pan-orthodox, specifically goal-directed organization in which they can find a high degree of fellowship and service. The addition of ranks and decorations for members serves to reinforce the structure, discipline and worthiness of the Order and its works as well as to provide a means for official recognition of a member’s exceptional service to the Order and therefore to the Holy Orthodox Church. 

So, why might you want to become a member of the Order of Saint George? We believe that being an integral part of this Order provides the Orthodox Christian, both male and female, cleric and lay, with a vibrant, living, forceful and highly committed way to express his faith in tangible ways to his fellow Orthodox who, as already noted above, are sorely persecuted and in great need of material as well as social and spiritual assistance. It gives the faithful members very specific ways in which to be of true Christly service, as mirrored in the Beatitudes and the basic Christian message, in a pan-Orthodox organization which is a part of Christ’s Holy Church, being a part of Her not as any sort of para-church, so called, but identifying intimately with Her. 

Accordingly, we include a list of the official goals and objectives of the Order of St George, taken from its Constitution:

  • aiding the poor, the sick, the needy, the aged, the infirm, the maimed, the mentally ill, the imprisoned and the socially disadvantaged;

  • assisting in the maintenance of holy places including, but not limited to, buildings, monasteries, seminaries, shrines, churches and cathedrals of the Orthodox Faith; and

  • establishing and promoting the works of hospitals, medical centers, orphanages, schools and other bona fide Orthodox institutions and/or organizations.

It is the intention of the Order of Saint George to seek formal status and association with the United Nations and other international institutions in order to be a strong advocate for Orthodox Christians, especially for those who face persecution. The Order of Saint George in regards to the United Nations will support those articles of its Charter for Human Rights which are in agreement with the teachings and beliefs of the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Your commitment of “time, talent and treasure” are respectfully requested. After reading about the establishment and work of the Order of St George, it is our deepest hope that you will see a place for yourself as a member of the Order and, with us, reach out with the Hands of Christ to our fellow Orthodox Christians.