St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church
Gaza City
25 October 2023

We can report some good news today from our sources at St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church. Despite yesterday’s heavy bombing, no one sheltering in the church compound was injured. While this is cause for thanksgiving, your prayers, and your assistance are still needed. The bombing has continued in that same area today, and one source says that there have been over 6,500 deaths in Gaza since the bombing began, including more than 2,300 women and children. These numbers have been confirmed through other channels, including the Washington Post. 

We spoke with Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias, who continues to ask for our prayers. Archbishop Alexios has told those taking refuge in the church compound that the Holy Order of St. George the Great Martyr is working to get them help. This is giving much hope to the people. An unconfirmed source among the refugees says that nearly all those in the compound have lost everything, their homes destroyed by bombing. 

Archbishop Alexios begs everyone to remember that, when the war ends, the needs of those affected will only be beginning. Homes, businesses, schools, and places of worship will need to be rebuilt. The people will need to eat, to have fresh water, medicine, school supplies and books, clothing, and much more.

Services will need to be established and staffed to reunite families, care for orphans and widows, and give long-term care to those injured. We ask that you bear these needs in your hearts as you pray for peace, and to give as generously as you can. 

Lord of Hosts, be with us!

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