15th of October 2023

As of this morning, Wednesday, October 15th, we know that there is fierce fighting in and immediately around the perimeter of the Al- Shifa Hospital where hundreds if not thousands of civilians are taking shelter, a mass grave was being dug for 179 souls yesterday, and power is running out for neonatal care, dialysis, and life support machines. This all happening just barely 3.4 kilometers (2.1 miles) away from Saint Porphyrios Orthodox Church, where at least 500 people are still seeking shelter.

Amid the ongoing communications blackouts in Gaza, the flow of updates and news has been very slow compared to weeks past, and to us, it is very concerning as we are effectively cut off and blind from the actual situation on the ground. Conversations with our sources, including with His Eminence Archbishop Alexios, are short and limited when we can make contact at all, amounting to just a few seconds and never more than a minute – barely enough time for them to tell us that they are “okay” and ask for us to continue to pray for them and not forget them. We of course will not abandon or forget them!

We know that food, fuel, medicine, and other provisions are running extremely low. We also know that His Eminence is doing everything humanly possible to shelter, protect, and provide for his people during this difficult and unimaginable hell they are living in. We, the Order of Saint George the Great Martyr, are doing everything we can as an organization to stand by their side and support them. We need your help, and your prayers to continue our mission of assistance to our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza and across the Middle East.

Most Merciful God,

We pray for all those who are suffering under the yoke of the war in Gaza. Grant safety to those who lie awake and who sleep under the threat of death or injury. Protect Thy people wherever they are and bring an end to this horrible war.

Through the prayers of St. Porphyrios of Gaza and St. George the Great Martyr and Victory-Bearer, Lord have mercy on us and save us.

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