Leaflet calling for the evacuation of Gaza City, 10 July 2024

Leaflet calling for the evacuation of Gaza City, 10 July 2024

Evacuation Orders for Gaza City

Israeli Defense Forces distributed the above widely through Gaza City today, ordering the evacuation of the entire city. The translation of the leaflet follows:

To all that reside in the City of Gaza:

The safe routes will help you evacuate quickly and without searching from the City of Gaza to a Deir il Balah & Zuwaida shelter.

We announce that Tarek Ben Ziad Road and Omar il Muchtar Street are considered safe routes to the south, to Al Rasheed Road (by the sea), and from there to the south.

Al Wihda roads and Khalil Al-Wazir paths are considered safe to exit to the East by El Zeitoun neighborhood and The City Roundabout, and from there, to Salah il Dein road heading south.

The City of Gaza will remain a dangerous battle territory.

– Israel Defense Forces

Israeli Defense Forces leaflet, 10 July 2024

In Gaza City

The Israeli Defense Forces are distributing these leaflets in the Gaza City neighborhood around Saint Porphyrios and The Holy Family Church.

These churches currently shelter over 600 families who fled there for refuge after their homes were bombed.

There is nowhere safe in Gaza. In the past, when civilians evacuated from the north, snipers met them. Soldiers along the evacuation routes shot and killed some civilians.

The refugees seeking shelter in the churches of Gaza City are currently living in fear and uncertainty due to the ongoing conflict and evacuation orders. It’s crucial to prioritize and ensure their safety during this challenging time. Unfortunately, their safety has not been guaranteed – quite the opposite! They face increasing danger every day with no safe haven other than their churches, which are not safe themselves.

Leaders must act now to stop the atrocities inflicted upon our fellow Christians. It is crucial to safeguard the lives and well-being of these individuals. In Gaza, the Christian community, though small, is a significant minority that includes families with women, children, elderly, and disabled members who have no secure means to leave and no haven. As Christians, we must protect them to the best of our ability.

You can help the Christians in Gaza

While the Christians in Gaza City are facing new evacuation orders and the uncertainty that comes with this, your contributions are vital! The Order of Saint George is the only organization with a blessing to raise funds on their behalf. It has never been more necessary to assist our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Holy Land, especially those in Gaza City facing evacuation and attack.

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