07 February 2024

Our beloved Konstantine Pandolfi, may the Lord keep you.
Our beloved Nabil Al-Sunna, may the Lord keep you.
Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George – America

Subject: Number of Orthodox Christians who passed away during the war in Gaza

Peace and grace,

We inform you that these individuals mentioned are from our [Saint Porphyrios] Orthodox Church, and they passed away during the war. Some of them were elderly; some had pre-existing conditions; and some were otherwise healthy. Those with medical conditions did not have the opportunity or means to access necessary treatment due to the difficulty of reaching hospitals amidst the ongoing conflicts in the city, and the risks associated with transportation. As you may know, hospitals in Gaza are currently only catering to critical cases resulting from the war.

Thank you very much for your concern for our Christian brethren in the city and for your invaluable assistance, which we cannot appreciate enough. As responsible figures for Christians in the city, Archbishop Alexios and Father Silas, the church pastor, offer our prayers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for each and every one of you personally and for your families, for standing with us during these difficult times of war. We pray that the Lord blesses you and grants you strength, health, and peace in your bodies and souls so that you may continue your love and support for your Christian brethren in Gaza and around the world. We pray for peace to prevail globally and specifically in our city of Gaza, as warplanes drop bombs and tanks destroy homes in the city as we write this letter.

Thanks be to the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, our true God, and thank you!

Archbishop Alexios
Patriarchal Exarch for the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza

Names of the Departed

In the initial blast at St. Porphyrios, 19 October 2023:

  • Yara Al-Amash
  • Viola Al-Amash
  • Sama Al-Amash
  • Abdlenour Al-Souri
  • Tarek Al-Souri
  • Lisa Al-Souri
  • Soheil Al-Souri
  • Majd Al-Souri
  • Ghada Al-Souri
  • Aliya Al-Souri
  • Issa Al-Souri
  • Julie Al-Souri
  • George Al-Souri
  • Alain Tarazi
  • Marwan Tarazi
  • Nahed Tarazi

Died at St. Porphyrios without medical care:

  • Ilham Hanna Farah
  • Heizam Mufid Tarzi
  • Farah Alla Helmi Tarzi
  • Yvonne Musa Tarzi
  • Grace Khalil Alseih
  • Eileen Nasif Barbara
  • Rita Soad Tarzi
  • Widad Almadbak
  • Hani Suheil Abi Dawoud

Died at Holy Family Catholic Church from Israeli sniper fire:

  • Naheda Anton, and her daughter
  • Samar Kamil Anton

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