St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church, Gaza City, after the attacks on 19 October

Gaza City
24 October 2023

2:30 PM local time:

Our source inside St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church in Gaza city has alerted us that the quarter containing the church is currently under attack again. He reports active bombing, which I can hear in the background during our phone call.

We will be updating this page throughout the day as we know more.

5:40 PM local time:

We are currently being told that bombs are landing within 400 meters of St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church. Our source reports that stores were destroyed, creating more scarcity of resources.

Our source was unable to speak much at this time as it was necessary to seek immediate shelter.

We assured our source that we, and people all over the world, are praying for those sheltering from this latest onslaught and are doing everything we can to get them as much material aid as possible in the days and weeks ahead, through God’s grace.

1:30 AM local time:

It is just past 1 a.m. in Gaza City. We have had no further news from our contacts there since we last updated at 5:40 p.m. local time. While we are deeply concerned, we know that they were having difficulty accessing the internet today, and the phone system is jammed by calls to and from loved ones frantic to hear that those they love are safe, or trying to ease the pain of their friends and families by a message to say they are safe. All we can do is to wait for word, help as best we can, and to pray without ceasing.

The Vice Chancellor of the Holy Order of Saint George, the Rev. Dr. Benedict Simpson, has sent the following prayer to us this evening:

Most Merciful God,
We pray for all those who are suffering under the yoke of the war in Gaza. Grant safety to those who lie awake and who sleep under the threat of death or injury. Protect Thy people wherever they are, and bring an end to this horrible war.
Through the prayers of St. Porphyrios of Gaza and St. George the Great Martyr and Victory-Bearer, Lord have mercy on us and save us.

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