In order to carry out its goals and objectives, the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr will admit those Orthodox Christians who apply for membership and are accepted by the Council of Admissions.

Any person lay or cleric may apply for membership into the Order so long as such an individual meets the following criteria:

  • is baptized and/or chrismated into the Orthodox Christian Faith;
  • is NOT a member of a Masonic or Freemason fraternity and/or organization;
  • is living according to Orthodox Christian principles;
  • is a member in good standing of a local Orthodox parish;
  • is of sound mind and judgment;
  • is known to live honorably;
  • is prepared to observe the rules and regulations of the Order of Saint George;
  • is willing to make a solemn pledge of allegiance to the Order and to its mission at a formal religious ceremony of investiture; and
  • is no less than 18 years of age upon applying for membership.

Application packets for membership into the Order will be supplied through this website and may be downloaded  under the page entitled “Documents”. When approved, the individual will receive an official document signed and sealed by the Sovereign Knight, indicating the applicant’s reception into the Order with the formal rank of “Brother” or “Sister”.

Those received into the Order are received in accordance with their personal state and may choose the nature of their commitment in the activities of the Order.  All new members of the Order of Saint George shall be invested at an authorized religious ceremony of investiture as soon as practically possible after their acceptance. Those members of the Order of Saint George belonging to the clergy, remain subject to the rules and regulations of their respective Hierarchs and Orthodox jurisdictions.

The initiation fee for membership into the Order is $300.00 USD. There shall be yearly dues in the amount of $120.00 USD. ($300 = $25/month; $120 = $10/month). The Order of Saint George will permit initiation fees and yearly dues to be paid either in full or through 12 monthly instalments.