Ranks and Decorations

The Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr shall has five classes of ranks separate from that of the Sovereign Knight and Hereditary Knight. These classes of ranks are:


Knight Grand Cross (K.G.C.O.S.G.)         

Knight Commander (K.C.O.S.G.)

Knight (K.O.S.G.)

Serving Brother (S.B.O.S.G.)

Brother (B.O.S.G.)


Dame Grand Cross (D.G.C.O.S.G.)

Dame Commander (D.C.O.S.G.)

Dame (D.O.S.G.)

Serving Sister (S.S.O.S.G.)

Sister (S.O.S.G.)


Ecclesiastical Grand Cross (E.G.C.O.S.G.)

Ecclesiastical Commander (E.C.O.S.G.)

Grand Chaplain (G.C.O.S.G.)

Senior Chaplain (S.C.O.S.G.)

Chaplain (C.O.S.G.)

The Decorations of the Order  of Saint George are not awarded freely but are rather earned through hard meritorious work and dedication towards the Holy Orthodox Church and to the goals and objectives of this Order. The following are the Decorations of the Order:

The Decoration of Christ Pantokrator;

The Decoration of the Holy Spirit;

The Decoration of the Theotokos;

The Decoration of the Holy Archangels and other Bodiless Powers of Heaven;

The Decoration of Saints Peter and Paul;

The Decoration of Saints Constantine and Helena;

The Decoration of the Double Headed Eagle; and

The Decoration of Merit.