Subdivisions of the Order

The basic structure of the Order from the lowest authority locally to the highest authority internationally is:

  1. the Chapter
  2. the National Priory
  3. the Grand Priory.

Each Chapter is subject to the jurisdiction of a National Priory. All National Priories are subject to the jurisdiction of the Grand Priory with the Grand Knight as its temporal head.

Within a National Priory the Grand Knight has the exclusive and obligatory right to appoint its Prior. The Prior of a National Priory acts not only as the personal representative of the Grand Knight within the respective nation in which the Order is established, but due to the honor of the office, is its most senior figure.

The Prior’s chief responsibility is to ensure that all matters and activities of the National Priory are properly performed in full accordance with the Order’s Constitution. Each Chapter of the Order is headed and chaired by a Chapter Officer who is elected by popular vote.