Israeli Defense Force strikes Iran

photo: Jordan News and Jawwal Palestine

St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church
Gaza City
27 October 2023
7:33 PM local time

Twenty minutes ago, Jawwal Palestine, the major telecommunications provider for Gaza, reported that the ongoing bombardment has destroyed the last international cable in Gaza. This cable, according to Jawwal’s Facebook announcement, “had been connecting the enclave to the world,” and Gaza is now in “a full telecommunications outage.” 

The Israeli military has also issued a statement today that their ground forces will be “expanding their activity” in the Gaza Strip, and they are preparing for an immediate ground offensive campaign to begin tonight. 

Our source just outside the area reports hearing loud explosions coming from Gaza currently and is also unable to reach anyone within the city.

We had been trying to reach our contacts in St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church all morning without success, and now we know why.

We will continue trying to reach other contacts in the area throughout the day and night. We will keep you updated as we hear from anyone. 

Lord have mercy on Gaza and all those who are suffering during this ongoing crisis. 

1 thought on “Telecommunication in Gaza destroyed

  1. A message on social media says that the Jordanian military dropped supplies to St Porphyrios.
    I hope it is correct.
    I tried to reach them again a few days ago.
    This is the message. Glory to God.

    ⚡️Jordanian military drops humanitarian aid for people trapped inside St. Porphyrius Church in Al-Zaytun, northern Gaza

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