The Grand Knight

His Most Excellency Grand Knight Konstantine, (né Ernest Christopher Konstantine Pandolfi), was born on the morning of August 30th, 1989. Konstantine’s formative years were spent with his loving paternal grandparents who, after the separation of his parents at the age of three, helped to raise both him and his elder sister Sabrina.​

Konstantine’s childhood was spent mainly in his hometown of Cromwell, Connecticut, USA and at the shoreline town of Essex, Connecticut where both he and his elder sister spent many memorable summers with his grandparents. During this time, the Grand Knight learned such things as how to swim, sail a sailboat, fish, water ski and appreciate all the wonders that are in this world created by God.​

Konstantine was educated in the Cromwell school system from which he graduated. The Grand Knight went on to study Liberal Arts and Sciences at Manchester Community College where he received his Associates Degree. After receiving his degree, Konstantine continued on to study Political Science at a local university, focusing his field of study in the areas of diplomacy,  international law and human rights.​


His Most Excellency married the love of his life, Persida Cenko, on the 6th of September 2015 at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George in Hartford, Connecticut. Konstantine was introduced to Persida by the lead Cantor of the Cathedral, Mr. Kostantinos Fas. 

On April 15th, 2021, His Most Excellency welcomed the birth of his first son and child Peter Anthony Pandolfi. 


Authorities and Responsibilities of the Grand Knight:

Konstantine’s legitimacy and right to govern over the Order as Grand Knight and that of his successors derives from the blessing he received from the First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in July of 2020.​

The Grand Knight is the temporal head of the Order, and to him is delegated all governing authority, prerogatives and honors. He is the Order’s most senior and visible representative. The person of the Grand Knight must fully dedicate himself and his life to the development of the works of the Order, and so set an example of living according to Orthodox Christian principles. By virtue of his office, the Grand Knight is the temporal fons honorum within the Order.

The prerogative powers of the Grand Knight are:​

  • To convene and preside over the Sovereign Council of the Order;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Sovereign Council. A vote of no confidence is required before a member of the Sovereign Council can be officially removed. 
  • To issue together with the Sovereign Council any legislative measures not covered by the constitution of the Order;
  • To cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie in the Sovereign Council;
  • To maintain absolute veto authority within the Sovereign Council as it relates to legislative measures;
  • To promulgate government acts of the Order;
  • To help manage Common Treasury assets of the Order together with the Minister of Finance;
  • To ratify the international agreements of the Order;
  • To appoint in consultation with the Supreme Spiritual Advisor the five members of the High Offices of the Order;
  • To appoint and dismiss the Consular Representatives of the Order;
  • To appoint and dismiss the Priors of the Grand Priories;
  • To summon and preside over the General Assembly of the Order;
  • To award and rescind the various ranks of knighthood and honors of the Order;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Constitutional Council;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Council of Admissions;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Council of Humanities;
  • To appoint and dismiss upon the advice and guidance of the Sovereign Council the members of the Council of Auditors;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Media Office;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Office of the Chief of Protocol;
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Office of Fundraising Strategy and Organizational Development
  • To appoint and dismiss the members of the Office of the Advocate General;
  • To establish and dissolve after careful review and with the deliberative vote of the Sovereign Council the Commanderies and Grand Priories of the Order; and,
  • To expel those members of the Order who seriously transgress the aims, obligations or standards of behavior or integrity of the Order of Saint George the Great Martyr.​

      The Grand Knight shall have the exclusive right to issue Sovereign Decrees for the appointment of members to any office, rank, or honor within the Order, including the Priors of the Grand Priories and for such other acts as may be necessary to carry out his responsibilities or for the governance of the Order as a whole.


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