St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church
Gaza City

2:38 AM local time

We just received word from our contact in Gaza, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons. Our contact has alerted us the Israeli Defense Force has now started bombing the quarter where St. Porphyrios Orthodox Church and Monastery are located. The church is currently housing at least 500 innocent Gazan civilians, including more than 40% of Gaza’s Christian population. 

Konstantine Pandolfi, head of the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr asked our contact if he knew how far away the blasts were. Our contact did not know, but said they were nearby – meters not miles away. 

It has been confirmed  that Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which is approximately 600 feet from St. Porphyrios was bombed at midday today, resulting in the loss of at least 800 lives. Our Palestinian clergyman (also anonymous for safety reasons) reports that the IDF is bombing the same sites repeatedly, including the hospital and other sites near the church. 

We will keep you updated as this situation  develops. 

We are asking everyone for their prayers for the citizens of Gaza, the Church, His Eminence, Archbishop Alexios of Tiberias in Gaza, and everyone that he is sheltering. May Christ our God have mercy on them and grant them peace! 

The Order has set up a campaign to be able to assist these suffering innocent people as they try to rebuild and move forward. There are no other NGOs or nonprofits assisting the people housed at St. Porphyrios, and we are the lifeline for our brothers and sisters in Christ and their beloved neighbors. 


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