Governance of the Order

The Government of the Holy Orthodox Order of Saint George the Great Martyr is constituted as follows:

  • the Sovereign Knight, the supreme sovereign Head of the Order;

  • the Grand Magisterial Council which assists him;

  • the Constitutional Council which interprets the regulations, statutes and Constitution of the Order of Saint George. It arbitrates in disputes between the different organs of government, the National Jurisdictions, and the members of the Order;

  • the Governing Council which provides for the equal and fair representation of all the National Jurisdictions; and

  • the General Assembly which permits the expression of all members of the Order of Saint George.

In addition to the above, the Government of the Order of Saint George is comprised of and assisted by the following Councils and bodies:

  • the Council of Admissions

  • the Council of Humanities;

  • the Council of Auditors;

  • the Council of Communications;

  • the Juridical Council;

  • the Office of the Advocate General; and

  • Consular Offices and Consular Representatives.